April 9, 2014

SATIRE: Severe Pac-Man Warning for south east Australia.

National radar imagery as at 12:18pm EST showing a large Pacman covering large areas of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales - presumably mistaking the radar and weather stations for Pac-Dots (or pellets).

April 6, 2014

Severe storms firing up over the Gold Coast

Damaging winds and heavy rainfall for the Gold Coast and south-east Queensland are expected over the next several hours as severe thunderstorms develop.

The City of Gold Coast's Disaster Management Unit provided the following information around midday (via Cr Glenn Tozer for Division 9)

A line of developing showers and storms was located on radar from Millmerran-Warwick-Kyogle at about 12pm today. This line may intensify as it reaches the coastline due to increased moisture and instability.

Storms in Northeast NSW have already been stronger than expected, and as such consider an increased risk of thunderstorm and severe thunderstorm activity in Southeast Queensland this afternoon. Pay particular attention to any large storm clusters that suddenly take a more northward move from the favoured E/NE trajectory as this would be a sign of severity.

Large hail and flash flooding are both reasonable risks today (Evans Head recorded 41mm in 10 minutes this morning). Damaging winds are also possible, though storms containing damaging winds are less likely to last as long (because the surface winds today are relatively weak and storms with strong winds in these environments tend to weaken quickly unless surface winds into the storm are also strong)

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March 27, 2014

Heavy rain, flash flooding risk for the Gold Coast

There's STILL more rain coming with 100-150mm rain forecast for the Gold Coast region on Friday. Add this to the 50-100mm we've already received there's a real risk of flash flooding and even minor flooding in rivers and catchments. Plus if that's not enough, in the wake of the clearing rain, there's the chance of afternoon thunderstorms.
Rainfall forecast for Friday 28 March 2014

Gold Coast still in firing line for heavy rain

As expected, there is now a Severe Weather Warning in place for Heavy Rainfall expected to arrive this afternoon and evening - with 24 hour totals of 50-150mm possible.

March 26, 2014

"Yes it's still coming!" Update on the Gold Coast's 'little BIG wet'

Whilst it seems like the rain is currently 'avoiding' the Gold Coast area, just remember it's our turn from Thursday with the main falls expected overnight and throughout Friday.

March 25, 2014

The Gold Coast's little BIG wet for March 2014

Around 100mm is expected to fall across the the Gold Coast and south-east Queensland over the next 4 days as a significant rain-bearing weather system develops across eastern and central Queensland.