January 30, 2012

Gold Coast beaches damaged & dirty

Wild weather and flooding has badly damaged half the patrolled beaches on the Gold Coast, as per ABC News report

Lifesavers say the shoreline is covered with trees, leaves and rubbish flushed out of locals creeks.

Senior Life Guard Will Ashley says people should avoid the are unless they want to help clean-up.

"It is not looking too good for the beach this weekend and into next week," he said.

"There's a lot of debris up and down the coast most of the beaches are covered in sticks logs and branches and a lot of it is in the surf zone so it is quite dangerous for people to go swimming at the beach.

"About half the lifeguard beaches are closed, some of them will probably still be closed next week and also the water is not clear, it is quite dirty and brown." (Source: ABC News)

Additionally, the Gold Coast City Council advises that following the recent rainfall in the city, it is likely the quality of water at some popular swimming and recreation areas near stormwater outlets have been affected by pollution from stormwater runoff.

Council’s Community and Cultural Development Chair, Councillor Bob La Castra, said Council conducted regular microbial sampling of water at recreational locations throughout the city.

“We have had very heavy continuous rain this week and an enormous volume of water has been flushed through the stormwater systems and into our local waterways,” said Cr La Castra.

“Water sampling has revealed that popular swimming locations, such as swimming enclosures, rivers, creeks and water bodies – particularly those near stormwater outlets – are sometimes affected by pollutants after heavy rains that have the potential to harm human health.

“Changes to water quality can result from a number of sources including stormwater runoff, farming activities, domestic animals, human effluent and wildlife. Swimming in and/or swallowing water contaminated with high levels of pollution can spark illness such as gastroenteritis, skin irritations or ear and eye infections.

“It is recommended swimming and other recreational activities be avoided following heavy rains. We also encourage people to take note of signs posted at water recreation sites.” (Source: Gold Coast City Council)

Beaches on the Gold Coast were looking worse for wear after debris and foamy waves were washed up after all the rain. North Burleigh.
Photographer: Kit de Guymer (Source: Gold Coast Bulletin)

January 25, 2012

Gold Coast road closures at 27/01/2012 9:30am

Updated: As at 9:30am Friday 27 January 2012, current known & reported road closures in and around the Gold Coast includes:

Alberton, Burrows Road
Beechmon,t Beechmont Road (North Street Lower Beechmont to Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd).
Benobble, Tamborine Mountain Road & Laheys Lookout Rd
Bonogin, Hardys Rd
Clagiraba, Clargiraba Rd (Coomera River Causeway)
Currumbin Valley, Currumbin Ck Rd (Dolans Crossing)
Luscombe, Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road
Merrimac, Highfield Dr
Mudgeeraba, Gunsynd Dr
Mudgeeraba, Berrigans Rd
Mudgeeraba, Somerset Dr
Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast Springbrook Road (Mudgeeraba Creek Causeway)
Mudgeeraba, Mudgeeraba Road (Advancetown Mudgeeraba Road, Exit 79)
Mudgeeraba, Somerset Dr (near Firth Park)
Mudgeeraba, The Link Way (Exit 80)
Upper Coomera, Tamborine-Oxenford Road (John Muntz Causeway)
Pimpama, Yawalpah Road
Stapylton, Rossmans Road
Stapylton, Burnside Road
Tallebudgera, Trees Rd
Tallebudgera, Tallebudgera Connection Road
Tallebudgera, Valley Araluen Rd
Tallebudgera, Valley Daltons Rd
Tallebudgera, Valley Mount Cougal Rd
Tallebudgera, Valley Tallebudgera Ck Rd (Past Dickfos Rd)
Yatala, Sandy Creek Toad
Wongawallan, Wongawallan Rd
Neranwood, Gold Coast Springbrook Road (Austinville)

(Sources include 131940.qld.gov.au, QldAlert.com and Gold Coast City Council)

Drivers are urged to take caution in the wet weather and under no circumstances should they drive through flooded causeways or roads.

Do you know of any other roads that are closed, or ones that have reopened? Let us know! Leave a comment, go to our Facebook page or Twitter.

Remember, if it's flooded, forget it!
Situation deteriorating in flooded south-east Qld - ABC News
Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) says torrential rain that has caused chaos around the state's south-east on Tuesday is only going to get heavier overnight.

More rain to come as southeast Queensland cops a drenching
- News.com.au

DOZENS of people have been evacuated from their homes, hundreds of streets closed and Australia Day celebrations cancelled as drenching rain continues to fall across the state

The Nation Boy feared drowned as freak weather lashes eastern states
- The Australian

RELENTLESS downpours over 48 hours caused flash flooding and brought traffic chaos along a 500km stretch of Queensland and NSW yesterday, cancelling Australia Day festivities and evoking painful memories of last summer's deadly flooding for scores of recovering communities

Southeast Queensland braces for more rain
- SMH.com.au

Southeast Queensland is bracing for more drenching rain after the heaviest downpours since last summer caused widespread flash flooding across the region.

Queensland braced for flash flooding, monsoonal rain in worst weather since 2011 flood disaster
- Herald Sun

Rain creates havoc at an intersection on Mount Tamborine. iPhone vision, no audio Two Mins on High, floods expected The forecast for the week is rain and more rain with floods expected.

Much more rain to come, says bureau
- Brisbane Times

Southeast Queensland is bracing for another 24 hours of heavy rainfall, with forecasters predicting more than 200 millimetres of rain to bucket down on parts of the region by tomorrow night.

Flash flooding closes Coast roads
- Gold Coast Bulletin

HEAVY rainfall and flash flooding continue to hit the Coast with several roads closed, several accidents reported and more than 200 Gold Coast Energex customers experiencing power outages during the wild weather.

January 24, 2012

Gold Coast road closures 24/01/12 2pm

Note: See new post for current road closures here.

Gold Coast road closures as at 2pm Tuesday 24/01/12

The following council roads have been closed due to current weather conditions.

Drivers are urged to take caution in the wet weather and under no circumstances should they drive through flooded causeways or roads.

Further updates will be provided on road closures as they become available

Road / Location, Suburb, Road Closed (Date), Road Closed (Time)
Days Rd Coomera 24/01/2012 8.00 am
Goldmine Rd Ormeau 24/01/2012 9.30 am
Hotham Creek Rd (Culvert sth of Fernhill Dr P326 – A9) Willowvale 24/01/2012 10.00 am
Old Coach Rd Coomera 24/01/2012 8.15 am
Pimpama-Jacobs Well Rd (Near WRX Track) Pimpama 24/01/2012 9.30 am
Rix Dve - cnr Godden Dve Upper Coomera 24/01/2012 9.45 am
Siganto Dr Helensvale 24/01/2012 9.30 am
Billiau Road Guanaba 24/01/2012 9.15 am
Birds Rd Guanaba 24/01/2012 8.30 am
Clargiraba Rd (Coomera River Causeway) Clagiraba 24/01/2012 9.27am
Piggotts Road Guanaba 24/01/2012 9.45 am
Tarata Rd Guanaba 24/01/2012 8.45 am
Hardys Rd Bonogin 24/01/2012 7.25 am
Mount Cougal Rd Tallebudgera Valley 24/01/2012 12.18 pm
Tallebudgera Ck Rd (Past Dickfos Rd) Tallebudgera Valley 24/01/2012 12.18 pm

January 22, 2012

Rain to start week and keep coming

Forecasts for a wet week is still on the cards with rain starting on Monday with Australia Day celebrations looking like they'll also be rained out.

Over the next four days it'll get progressively wetter with Tuesday and Wednesday likely to receive falls of between 50-100mm on each day.

Longer term computer generated forecast maps still has high rainfall totals of between 300-400mm estimated over the next 8 days for south east Queensland and northern New South Wales, but it's not as high as the 400mm+ as per yesterday's images.

Meteorologist and storm chaser Jeff Higgins posted on his Facebook page that the potential rainfall event for this coming week is 'beyond interesting, it's becoming a threatening forecast'

His forecast post this morning also said 'Note the high rainfall forecast for the coming week remains high and has the "potential" for massive totals Across Qld . Concentrating along costal areas' (Source: Higgins Storm Chasing)

A more detailed explanation of the upcoming rain event this week has also just been posted on the South Brisbane Storms Facebook page including 'So what we should notice is these showers starting to increase and thicken up into heavier "meatier" showers coming in from the east rather than the SE. Some of these showers could contain short bursts of heavy rain.. and by this time tomorrow night it looks likely we should be seeing more general constant rain with moderate to heavy falls.' (Source: South Brisbane Storms)

The Bureau of Meteorology has not issued any Severe Weather Warnings, but if any further information comes to hand we'll post it up for you here, on Twitter and on our Facebook page.

Here's the BOM's weather forecast for next 7 days:

Showers increasing to rain.
Min 21
Max 27
Rain decreasing to showers.
Min 22
Max 25
Showers tending to rain periods.
Min 21
Max 25
A few showers.
Min 20
Max 26
Min 20
Max 26
Increasing rain periods.
Min 21
Max 25
Mostly fine, possible shower.
Min 20
Max 28

January 21, 2012

400m+ rain possible over next 8 days

South East Queensland is going to get another drenching based on current computer generated rainfall forecast maps for the next 8 days.

Along with areas of northern NSW as well, it appears up to (and over) 400mm of rain is possible over the period from tomorrow Sunday 21 January 2012 to next Saturday 28 January 2012.

Whilst these are only long-term forecasts that only indicate an approximate area, the chances of flooding during these rains is possible. Take the time to prepare now just in case.

The Gold Coast City Council's disaster management website (goldcoastcity.com.au/disaster) has excellent resources and information on how to be prepared for a disaster event. As a community, our strongest buffer in any disaster is: be informed, be prepared.

Some links that provide local information about preparing for floods including:
The following basic tips regarding getting prepared are from Council's free Disaster Education Guide, which is available for download from their website, or printed copies are available from Council offices and libraries.

Three easy steps to plan for emergencies

1. Before a flood:
  • Identify which roads and causeways are likely to flood and plan an alternative access route if necessary. These roads can usually be identified by looking for flood level markers.
  • If your property is likely to be isolated in a flood, stock up on extra non- perishable supplies including bottled water and ensure your emergency kit is up to date.
  • Identify when and where you would evacuate to if required.
  • Ensure your insurance covers flood damage.

2. During a flood warning:
  • Listen to your local radio station for flood updates.
  • If it’s flooded, forget it. Don’t walk, ride or drive through flood waters.
  • Turn off water, power and gas supplies.
  • Raise furniture, valuables and electrical items onto higher floors, beds, tables or roof spaces.
  • Sand bag entry points to your property. Put a sand bag inside toilets and on top of indoor drains to prevent sewage back flow.
  • Move vehicles, outdoor equipment, garbage, and chemicals to higher ground.
  • Ensure the safety of pets, children, elderly and those with special needs.

3. After a flood:
  • Don’t wade or drive into remnant flood waters.
  • Don’t re-enter your home until it is declared safe.
  • Don’t use gas or electrical appliances until they are checked for safety.
  • Don’t eat food that has been in flood water.
  • Boil tap water until water supplies are declared safe.
  • Contact your local SES on 132 500 for assistance
Phone 000 immediately if someone is caught in flood waters

More information?
For help and further information visit Council’s
disaster management website:
hen follow the links to Floods.

January 18, 2012

Gold Coast beaches reopened

After yesterday's wild weather and big seas, beaches on the Gold Coast reopened this morning after being closed yesterday (see video below):

Gold Coast City Council reports that 'no remedial work has been required at any of our beaches' and 'right now the surf is pumping for board riders on the point breaks.' (Source: GCCC Media Releases).

Not only was the weather brewing, reports of 'surf rage' at Snapper Rocks and Duranbah Beach prompted early-morning patrols by Gold Coast Police.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reports that 'local surfers have reported increasing frustration as more and more surfers compete for waves, often dropping in or running straight over the top of each other.'

'Swearing and heated exchanges have escalated to physical fights spilling out of the surf and on to the sand, including one caught on camera at Duranbah in last month.' (Source: Gold Coast Bulletin)

What do you think? Is 'surf rage' really a problem that is taking our police resources away from the streets to deal with petty arguments? Leave a comment below, share a post on our Twitter page @weathergc, or on our Facebook page.

January 17, 2012

Queensland lashed by wild weather - ABC News
A low off the Queensland coast has dumped heavy rain, bringing damaging winds and whipping up dangerous seas.

Queensland dam releases unlikely - Gold Coast Bulletin
FLOODGATES at several southeast Queensland dams are unlikely to be opened, thanks to lower than expected rainfall.

Wild weather closes Gold Coast beaches - Gold Coast Bulletin
ALL Gold Coast beaches will close from 1pm today due to the wild weather lashing the city.

Flash flood alert for southern Qld - Sky News
Southern Queensland is on alert for flash flooding, with heavy rain to lash the region throughout Tuesday.

Winds mean swell news for surfers - Gold Coast Bulletin
GUSTY winds and bucketloads of rain are expected on the Coast in the next few days but surfers will rejoice -- 2m waves are on the way.

Severe weather fizzler - what happened to the rain and wind?

The low pressure system that was predicited to cause heavy rainfall and damaging wind gusts today has stayed off the coast, and is expected to remain offshore.

The updated Severe Weather Warning issued at 5:05pm today downgraded the warning to just dangerous surf conditions about exposed parts of the coast. Damaging wind gusts are no longer expected about coastal land areas but a coastal waters wind warning is current.

Heavy rain areas associated with the low are also expected to remain offshore. However, light to moderate rain areas will continue about the coast and adjacent inland areas.

The computer generated rainfall forecasts for the next four days has also dropped of quite considerably, with only 25-50mm expected tomorrow, down to between 5-10mm on Thursday and then 1-5mm on Friday and Saturday (see below).

Rainfall Forecast Maps for January 18th to 22nd (Source: BOM)

This is in stark contrast to earlier predictions of 100-200mm for today and tomorrow (at least for the Gold Coast), however some areas still received moderate falls. At 5pm AEST the highest rainfall totals since 9am Tuesday were Bli Bli 54mm, Maroochydore 45mm and Mt Tamborine 33mm.

But the near-event wasn't without some fanfare- Brisbane endured its lowest January maximum temperature in over 30 years. At 1:14pm EST the mercury struggled to reach a maximum of 23.4°C, a chilly 7°C below the average and making it the lowest January maximum for 38 years. (Source: The Weather Channel)

All Gold Coast beaches closed from 1pm today

All Gold Coast beaches will be closed today from 1pm today due to a severe weather warning issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for this afternoon.

Chair of Council’s Engineering Services Committee, Councillor Dawn Crichlow said current beach conditions were pretty miserable.

“Council lifeguards have already closed the beach in front of Margaret Avenue at Broadbeach and due to the reported increase in the swell later this afternoon, the remaining beaches will also be closed from 1pm today,” said Cr Crichlow.

“My advice for anyone considering going down to the beach today is to put the kettle on and pick up a good book instead.

“We will also be monitoring the conditions of the foreshore while the offshore low continues to generate unstable surf conditions.

“The city’s roads are holding up well despite up to 100mm of rain being dumped overnight in parts of the Hinterland, however, we are advising residents to exercise caution and drive to the conditions.

‘At this stage, we have one road closure, at the Hardys Road causeway at Bonogin and there is plenty of water on our other roads elsewhere around the city but we are holding up well, “said Cr Crichlow.

“This wet weather again reinforces the importance for motorists not to attempt to drive through flooded roads and for kids to stay out of the city’s drainage system – it’s that simple.

“Council is monitoring road conditions and we are advising people to check with the Traffic Management Centre for updates. The number to call is 131 940 or visit the website at http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/. (Source: Gold Coast City Council)

January 16, 2012

Damaging Winds, Flash Flooding and Dangerous Surf

11:15pm Update: A Severe Weather Warning has been issued for Damaging Winds, Flash Flooding and Dangerous Surf for people on the coast and islands of the Wide Bay and Burnett and Southeast Coast districts for Tuesday.

Synoptic Situation: At 10 pm Monday AEST, a surface low was located off the Capricornia coast. This surface low is expected to move southwards just off the Wide Bay and southeast Queensland coasts during Tuesday.

Damaging Winds and heavy rainfalls are expected to develop along the Wide Bay coast during Tuesday morning and is expected to extend southwards into coastal areas and the adjacent higher ground of the Southeast Coast district during the afternoon. 24 hour rainfall totals in excess of 150 mm are possible. This rainfall may be intense at times, leading to localised flash flooding. As well, dangerous surf conditions may occur with breaking waves in excess of 4 metres.

Locations that may be affected include Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Gympie, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

A Flood Warning has been issued for coastal rivers and streams from Noosa to Caboolture and adjacent inland catchments.

These conditions will no longer affect people in the Capricornia district. (Source: BOM)
Floods loom as Queensland coast cops drenching - The Courier Mail
FLOOD conditions loom for the coastal strip from Rockhampton to the NSW border with 24-hour rainfall totals of up to 150mm predicted for today and tomorrow.

Flash flood alert for Queensland coast - Gold Coast Bulletin
A FLASH flood warning has been issued for the Queensland coast, from Rockhampton to the NSW border.

Brisbane receives a bucketing - Sydney Morning Herald
After a 15-day reprieve Mother Nature has turned on the taps again, dropping the most rain in a 24-hour period since February last year.

Severe weather warning for heavy rainfall

Parts of the southeast coast are expected to receive heavy rainfalls over the next 24-48 hours, with areas of the southern Capricornia and
the Wide Bay and Burnett districts also in for heavy falls.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a Severe Weather Warning at 4:50pm today, describing that a surface trough was located off the Capricornia coast and is expected to intensify and move south along the Wide Bay and southeast Queensland coasts during Tuesday.

Heavy rainfalls are expected to develop along the Capricornia coast and adjacent inland parts south of Gladstone in the early hours of Tuesday and extend southwards into remaining coastal areas and adjacent inland parts north of Brisbane during Tuesday. 24 hour rainfall totals in excess of 150 mm are possible. This rainfall may be intense at times, leading to localised flash flooding.

Locations that may be affected include Gladstone, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Gympie and the Sunshine Coast.

A Flood Warning has been issued for coastal rivers and streams from Noosa to Caboolture and adjacent inland catchments. (Source: BOM)

Whilst at this stage the Gold Coast hasn't been specifically listed, the computer generated rainfall forecast models over the next four days shows we could get between 50-100mm of rain tomorrow, Thursday and Friday - with Wednesday to get between 100-150mm. Add those figures up, and that's anywhere from 250-450mm of rain over the next four days!

Dick Whitaker, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Channel says “Four-day ahead totals from today until Thursday show the rainfall bulls eye with falls of 100mm plus to be located over south-east Queensland and then from Friday to Monday over the New South Wales north and central coasts,”

Meanwhile, dangerous surf is also expected along the south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales coastlines later Monday through Tuesday into Wednesday as this low-pressure trough deepens and gradually moves south over coming days. (Source: The Weather Channel)

This is a timely reminder to avoid driving, walking or riding through flood waters, and keep clear of creeks and storm drains. If you require assistance, contact the SES on 132 500, or for life threatening emergencies call 000. Please keep safe people, don't take risks.

Gold Coast

Forecast for the rest of Monday

Cool and cloudy with a few showers, tending to rain at times. Moderate to fresh E to SE winds.

A few showers.

Forecast for Tuesday

Cool and cloudy with showers, tending to rain at times. A possible thunderstorm. Moderate to fresh NE to SE winds.

Showers, possible storm.
Min 20
Max 25

UV Alert from 7:40 am to 4:10 pm, UV Index predicted to reach 14 [Extreme]

A few showers, possible storm.
Min 20
Max 27
Shower or two, possible storm.
Min 19
Max 28
Mostly fine, possible shower.
Min 19
Max 27
Mostly fine, possible shower.
Min 19
Max 27
Mostly fine, possible shower.
Min 20
Max 29
Mostly fine, possible shower.
Min 21
Max 29

January 15, 2012

SE coast may get 100-150mm over next 4 days

Updated forecasts from The Weather Channel meteorologists and the Bureau of Meteorology computer generated rainfall maps still indicate south-east Queensland may receive up to 100-150mm of rainfall over the next four days, with the main falls now set for Monday and Tuesday.

January 14, 2012

Here comes the rain again...

Areas of coastal south-east Queensland could receive up to 100-200mm of rain over the next 8 days according to computer forecast models of rainfall from the 14th to 21st January 2012.

January 10, 2012

Brisbane urged to cut energy use as temperatures soar - Brisbane Times
Energex is warning customers to reduce their energy usage this week after the electricity network recorded yesterday its highest demand of the summer so far...Hitting a summer usage peak of 4332 MW...

Northwesterly winds bring high temperatures to southeast Queensland this week and gives a sweltering start to January - Courier Mail
Sweltering residents have sought out air-conditioned comfort in droves as high temperatures continue across the southeast...

Heat blast sparks power use warning - Courier Mail
QUEENSLANDERS have been urged to "go easy'' on their airconditioners as power providers warn the state is headed for record usage this year.

Brisbane swelters all night as heat hits us between the sheets - Courier Mail
THE scorching temperatures that had southeast Queensland sweltering on Monday continued late into the night and early morning, with apparent temperatures in the 30s.

January 9, 2012

Hottest day in two years to kick off three days of summer swelter - Courier Mail
TEMPERATURES have continued to soar as the state swelters through its hottest day of the summer, with Amberley hitting 39.9C. At 4.00pm, Gatton, west of Brisbane, was 37.6C after reaching 38.9 earlier while Brisbane hit 33C about 2.45pm. ...

Brisbane has hottest day of the summer - Sydney Morning Herald
Brisbane residents are sweating through the hottest day of the summer, with the heat making a scorching return to the city after a colder than average December. The city hit a high of 33.8 degrees at 1.21pm, exceeding last month's average of 27.6 ...

Electricity in 'Extreme' demand

South-east Queenslander's must be loving their air conditioning - according to Energex's website the power demand is currently at Extreme levels (3806MW being used right now!).

Help manage peak demand by ensuring your air conditioner's temperature isn't too cold (minimum of 24 degrees) - or try using it in conjunction with a fan. That way you don't need to have the AC as cold (only need it to cool down to 26-28 degrees) and helps save you money! Or even better, just open the window!

For more info about peak demand, visit Energex's website:http://www.energex.com.au/sustainability/energy-conservation-and-demand-management/what-is-peak-demand

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January 8, 2012

South East QLD to swelter

Forecast of temps up to 38 degrees are forecast in western parts of South East Queensland tomorrow, but the Gold Coast will keep it's 'cool' at 33 degrees.

January 7, 2012

Warm weather and Games turn up the heat on apartment sales - goldcoast.com.au
THE Gold Coast apartment market is primed to record its strongest summer sales period in three years, with the first quarter of 2012 set to be a bumper season, according to new research by project marketing group Oliver Hume.

January 6, 2012

Rain to offer sweet relief as heat rises across Queensland - Couriermail.com.au
IT'S beginning to feel a lot like summer with the classic cycle of humidity and relieving showers expected in coming days.

January 5, 2012

Get ready for a weekend scorcher as temperature rise in southeast Queensland - Courier Mail
BREAK out the sunscreen and plan a beach trip because the southeast is set for a warm and humid weekend.

More extreme weather on Australia's radar - News.com.au
THE nation's largest insurers have warned Australians to brace for more catastrophic weather brought on by a rising global temperatures.

La Nina whips unseasonal weather into a wet frenzy - SMH.com.au
ALMOST 70 centimetres of rain was dumped across Australia last year, making it the third wettest year since uniform rain records began in 1900.

2011 weather report card 3rd wettest on record - ABC Rural
The annual climate report released this morning by the Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed what we all knew: that 2011 was a very wet year, indeed the third wettest since records began in 1900. The mean total rainfall was 699 millimetres which is 234 millimetres above average.

Good weather saves Queensland tourism - ABC News
The Queensland Tourism Industry Council says good weather over the festive season has saved many operators from bankruptcy, after natural disasters devastated the sector last summer.

January 4, 2012

Dire 'heatwave' unlikely for Gold Coast

Temps are only likely to increase 2-3 degrees around next Sunday and Monday, but nothing as hot like the 'heatwaves' in the high 30's and low 40's hitting the western and central parts of Queensland or other states.

January 3, 2012

Tide times tweeted twice a day? Terrific!

Gold Coast Seaway tide times will be auto-Tweeted twice a day at 5:30am and again at 5:30pm, with the data sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology's South East Coast Boating Forecast.

We'd love to know what times of the day you'd prefer to receive them? Are there any other locations you'd like to see? Let us know!