January 18, 2012

Gold Coast beaches reopened

After yesterday's wild weather and big seas, beaches on the Gold Coast reopened this morning after being closed yesterday (see video below):

Gold Coast City Council reports that 'no remedial work has been required at any of our beaches' and 'right now the surf is pumping for board riders on the point breaks.' (Source: GCCC Media Releases).

Not only was the weather brewing, reports of 'surf rage' at Snapper Rocks and Duranbah Beach prompted early-morning patrols by Gold Coast Police.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reports that 'local surfers have reported increasing frustration as more and more surfers compete for waves, often dropping in or running straight over the top of each other.'

'Swearing and heated exchanges have escalated to physical fights spilling out of the surf and on to the sand, including one caught on camera at Duranbah in last month.' (Source: Gold Coast Bulletin)

What do you think? Is 'surf rage' really a problem that is taking our police resources away from the streets to deal with petty arguments? Leave a comment below, share a post on our Twitter page @weathergc, or on our Facebook page.