January 30, 2012

Gold Coast beaches damaged & dirty

Wild weather and flooding has badly damaged half the patrolled beaches on the Gold Coast, as per ABC News report

Lifesavers say the shoreline is covered with trees, leaves and rubbish flushed out of locals creeks.

Senior Life Guard Will Ashley says people should avoid the are unless they want to help clean-up.

"It is not looking too good for the beach this weekend and into next week," he said.

"There's a lot of debris up and down the coast most of the beaches are covered in sticks logs and branches and a lot of it is in the surf zone so it is quite dangerous for people to go swimming at the beach.

"About half the lifeguard beaches are closed, some of them will probably still be closed next week and also the water is not clear, it is quite dirty and brown." (Source: ABC News)

Additionally, the Gold Coast City Council advises that following the recent rainfall in the city, it is likely the quality of water at some popular swimming and recreation areas near stormwater outlets have been affected by pollution from stormwater runoff.

Council’s Community and Cultural Development Chair, Councillor Bob La Castra, said Council conducted regular microbial sampling of water at recreational locations throughout the city.

“We have had very heavy continuous rain this week and an enormous volume of water has been flushed through the stormwater systems and into our local waterways,” said Cr La Castra.

“Water sampling has revealed that popular swimming locations, such as swimming enclosures, rivers, creeks and water bodies – particularly those near stormwater outlets – are sometimes affected by pollutants after heavy rains that have the potential to harm human health.

“Changes to water quality can result from a number of sources including stormwater runoff, farming activities, domestic animals, human effluent and wildlife. Swimming in and/or swallowing water contaminated with high levels of pollution can spark illness such as gastroenteritis, skin irritations or ear and eye infections.

“It is recommended swimming and other recreational activities be avoided following heavy rains. We also encourage people to take note of signs posted at water recreation sites.” (Source: Gold Coast City Council)

Beaches on the Gold Coast were looking worse for wear after debris and foamy waves were washed up after all the rain. North Burleigh.
Photographer: Kit de Guymer (Source: Gold Coast Bulletin)