March 21, 2010

Central Qld relatively unscathed by Ului, no storm surge for Gold Coast

After crossing the Central Queensland coast overnight, ex-Tropical Cyclone Ului is now just a tropical low making it's way west towards the Northern Territory, leaving up to 60,000 homes without power and causing moderate damage to buildings and the environment.

However, most residents and officials are counting their blessings as the damage was mostly to trees, crops and only a handful of homes with missing roofs, and no reports of major injury or death.

During the night, @Dirriel mentioned via Twitter that they heard on the scanner that police where called to pick-up a pregnant woman about to give birth just before the cyclone arrived!

We have also made our final update to the Satellite Image Animation and uploaded to YouTube for all to see:

Here on the coast, the feared 'storm surge' from Ului's tail that was headline news for local media last week (as reported in our previous blog post) has failed to eventuate, with monitoring stations reporting no abnormal rises in sea/tide levels throughout the last 72 hours.

Looking ahead into the week and mostly fine conditions are expected to dominate with the occasional shower hanging around. The extended Queensland outlook does mention "an upper trough will move across southern parts of the state during Tuesday and will trigger isolated storms about the south-east", however current official forecasts for Tuesday only mentions possible showers.