March 7, 2010

Will autumn storms pack any punch in 2010?

The summer storm season has passed us again for another year, with relatively few storms affecting the Gold Coast this time compared to previous years (in my opinion at least). Normally, the onset of colder weather spells the end of afternoon thunderstorms that generally come hand in hand with a hot day.

However, after a spate of severe thunderstorms affecting Melbourne again today, yesterday's deluge dropped hail up to 10cm in size and heavy rain causing flash flooding. Around 100,000 homes lost power and major public facilities damaged including Docklands Stadium, the Arts Centre and Southern Cross Railway Station (Source: ABC News).

This video posted on You Tube just goes to show how seeming 'calm' can become havoc so quickly.

Our first set of autumn storms are predicted to arrive on Wednesday afternoon, with the following outlook from the Bureau of Meteorology State Outlook:

On Wednesday the high in the Great Australian Bight becomes well established and intensifies to a central pressure of about 1037 hPa. This high pushes a vigorous S/SE change up the New South Wales coast reaching SE Queensland during the day. This change is expected to kick off afternoon showers and thunderstorms over parts of SE Queensland.

So, do you think we could still be in for a pounding from storms during autumn, or will we not see any really severe storms until spring/summer returns again? Leave us a comment with your local knowledge or experiences.