May 31, 2010

Cool nights plus cool gadgets

It was another fresh night and morning with temps dropping to 8.6°C degrees at Coolangatta (at 12:00AM midnight), with the Gold Coast Seaway slightly warmer at 12.7°C degrees (at 6:30am).

Some of the the lowest recorded temperatures for May (since 1995), include:
Coolangatta - 1.2°C on the 31st May 2000
Gold Coast Seaway - 6.6°C on the 29th May 2004

However, cooler mornings normally mean it's going to be fine weather, and today is no exception, with light to moderate W to SW winds, reaching a maximum of 21°C degrees.

In addition to the cooler weather, some 'cool' gadgets have also arrived on the Gold Coast. As we 'had' to make sure the blog would work from the new Apple iPad - we had to get one (pictured).

The good news is that it works great, the bad news was that we had to give it back (it was just a display model!).