June 1, 2010

Unsettled conditions from Thursday

Widespread showers and thunderstorms tending to rain at times during morning is expected on Thursday, with some moderate falls of up to 25mm predicted for the Gold Coast.

This weather comes after the south-coast of New South Wales continues the clean up after wild weather struck the region over the weekend, with eastern and mid-north NSW regions preparing for more wet weather and possible gale force winds between 40-70km/h. (Source: Weatherzone)

Current computer Rainfall Forecast images released today show the heaviest falls are likely on the north coast of NSW, however the Gold Coast is still likely to receive around 10-15mm on Wednesday (in picture 1 below) with the current forecast for isolated showers increasing to scattered south of Brisbane, 13-21°C with light to moderate S/SE winds, fresh at times near the coast.

Picture 1 - Forecast Rainfall for Wednesday 2nd June 2010

However, moving into Thursday a surface trough and low will deepen over the far southern coast early as an upper trough moves east over the southern inland border. The low will then move south onto the northern NSW coast during the afternoon.

Winds will be fresh at first about the Gold Coast with a morning minimum of 14°C, with widespread showers and thunderstorms tending to rain at times during the morning with some moderate falls (possibly 15-25mm as in picture 2), contracting south with the low during the afternoon and reaching a maximum of 21°C.

Picture 2 - Forecast Rainfall for Thursday 3rd June 2010

On Friday the low on the northern NSW coast will push offshore into the Tasman Sea later in the day, and conditions will remain unstable about the southeastern inland border,  isolated showers and possible thunderstorms, with temperatures between 13-22°C.

Saturday is pretty much expected to be mostly fine with a shower or two, 13-23°C, however as the low continues moving east over the Tasman Sea, a large high will move into the Great Australian Bight extending a ridge and moderate to fresh SW to SE winds over Queensland. (Source: BOM)

The Forecast Wind model for Saturday 5th June 2010, predicts winds of up to 40km/h on the southern coast, increasing to 50-60km/h offshore.

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