December 3, 2012

Feelin' hot, hot, hot!

The Gold Coast will be the 'cool' place to be over the next two days as south east Queensland is set to swelter with the arrival of summer.

A high pressure system in the Tasman Sea is extending a weakening ridge along the east coast of Queensland. This high combined with a slow moving trough over western Queensland extends very hot northerly winds over Queensland's interior.
Monday's temperature forecast map

Hot to very hot temperatures starting on Monday and peaking on Tuesday will be experienced through the central interior of Queensland as well as the south east districts.

The current forecasted high's for Monday 3rd December 2012 around the south east district:

Brisbane City: 33
Ipswich: 36
Sunshine Coast: 32
Gold Coast: 31

The trough will move slowly eastwards and extend from the northwest of the state into the southeastern interior on Monday and should provide some relief in the afternoon/evening with showers and thunderstorms predicted.

Tuesday's temperature forecast map
However this relief will only temporary. The trough will most likely contract off the far southern Queensland coast during the day, with a dry westerly wind flow gradually extending through the Southeast Coast district sending temperatures soaring with an enhanced fire danger on Tuesday 4th December 2012:

Brisbane City: 39
Ipswich: 41
Sunshine Coast: 37
Gold Coast: 35

Tuesday will remain fine and party cloudy in the south east as any storm activity north of the Wide Bay region around the central Queensland coast.

Temperatures on Wednesday will start to drop back towards the high 20's and low 30's, returning to milder mid-high 20's on Thursday.