January 2, 2014

Gold Coast weekend heatwave

HEATWAVE: Get ready to sweat Gold Coast as temps could reach up to 38°C Friday and a scorching 41°C on Saturday!

If you're close to the beach it'll be a little more bearable, at Surfers it's expected to be 33°C Friday and 35°C Saturday. However as you head inland, areas around Nerang will be the hottest reaching the 38 & 41 degree temps.

And we may not even get the traditional 'storm relief' with only a chance of a shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon or evening on Friday, and just a chance of evening showers on Saturday.

Heat stress can affect anyone, but especially infants, children, the elderly and your pets. Click this link for some tips from City of Gold Coast regarding staying safe during hot weather http://bit.ly/1l3Eg0O

How will you keep cool?