February 20, 2014

60th anniversary of 'the Great Gold Coast Cyclone'

DID YOU KNOW: 10pm tonight (February 20th) marks the 60th anniversay of 'the Great Gold Coast Cyclone' which crossed the coast at Coolangatta?

Back during a time when cyclones were un-named, this Category 3 system earned itself the title of 'the Great Gold Coast Cyclone' due to the scale of damage and loss of an estimated 26-30 lives.

The Bureau of Meteorology cyclone tracking map shows the path from the Coral Sea down past Port Macquarie in New South Wales.

The storm's widespread damaging effects were felt from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney, with heavy rainfall as far south as Tasmania. A record 900mm of rain was recorded at Springbrook, in the 24 hours leading up to landfall.

The resulting floods combined with storm surge on the Nerang River caused massive flooding and evacuations at Macintosh Island. Read the story in full at http://ift.tt/1nQ3Jcs