February 28, 2010

Updated: Tsunami threat eases, Gold Coast beaches remain closed

UPDATE: The BOM has issued a cancellation of the tsunami warning for Queensland at 4:11pm. The main tsunami waves have passed, but small unusual waves, currents & abnormal tides may exist for hours or even days. Emergency Management Queensland will advise when it's safe to return to coastal areas.

ORIGINAL: POST: The latest Tsunami bulletin from the JATWC & BOM at 3:11pm still warns of potential dangerous waves and strong ocean currents, however foreshore inundation is no longer expected with the 'assistance' of an outgoing tide.

Gold Coast beaches are to remain closed for the remainder of today (Sunday 28th February).

Pictures by Spencer Howson on an ABC Blog shows slight inundation of a boat ramp at Lota (east Brisbane) as a result of a slight rise in sea levels in conjunction with a high tide.
Video footage (courtesy of Hawaii News Now) shows the ocean receding and then returning due to the effect of the tsunami at Hawaii.

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