February 14, 2010

Welcome to weathergc.com!

Thanks for visiting weathergc.com, your window to Gold Coast weather!

Our main aim since February 2010 is to provide a place for the residents and visitors to the Gold Coast to share their experiences and knowledge about how the weather is affecting their neck of the woods. We'll also share information and the best links from other official sources including weather forecasts and warnings, observations, satellite & radar imagery , power outages and road/transport closures, etc.

Often when severe weather events occur on the Gold Coast, it can be hours or days before the full extent of what's happened, in what area, to which people. We hope that through our blog (at http://www.weathergc.com), our Twitter updates (via @weathergc) and via our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/weathergc), that everyone can share their personal experiences, local observations as well as photos and videos.

So if it's raining cats and dogs at your place, the couch is floating out the door, or you can't find the candles (but you have your mobile with a Twitter or Facebook account!), we want to know about it! Post a picture, leave a comment, or a Tweet!

Please note that any information posted/tweeted are opinions based on personal experiences and information passed on from other sources for entertainment purposes only. This information may not be accurate, and should not be relied upon as the single point of truth. It is recommended that you refer directly to the official sources of information, forecasts and warnings, etc (i.e. from the Bureau of Meteorology, SES, Energex, etc) to make an informed decision.

Thanks for reading, we look forward to your input and participation!